Bicycle General Rental Terms (Rent-a-Bike) 

The Rental Contract is entered into between ECOMOBILE - Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda. or Partner, hereinafter referred to as Lessor, and the Client / Driver identified in the Specific Conditions thereof, and hereinafter referred to as Lessee, applying these General and Particular Conditions of the Rental Contract without prejudice to any derogation or amendment made in writing.

The Lessee is required to look after the rental equipment. In the event of damage, loss or theft, the Lessor is entitled to charge the components to the Lessee at market price and, as a last resort, the value of the rented equipment. The Lessee is required to lock the bike correctly and the battery, in case the bike is electric, with the padlock delivered for free, at all the times when the cliente is not next to it, placing it, whenever possible, in an appropriate parking lot.

The Lessee shall respect the Road Code and, where possible, use reserved bicycle lanes and cycle paths. It is advisable to wear an helmet and it is mandatory for children under 18 years. In this case the Rental Contract must be signed by the parents or legal representatives. The Lessee must be in good physical condition and be able to maneuver and control the rental equipment.

The late delivery of the rented equipment will be subject to an additional payment, according to the current price list. The Lessee must inform the Lessor of any defects or malfunctions upon return of the bicycle.

Rental Policy

The Lessor is not liable for any injury or body damage to the Lessor during the term of the Rental Contract, accident, damage to third parties, property or loss of personal belongings caused by uncontrolled variables.

The booking must be made in advance so that the Lessor can check availability. The booking cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise 50% of the total reservation will be charged. The Lessor informs that these General Rental Terms are available on its official website at

The preparation of the Rental Contract always requires the provision of a deposit that must be provided by credit card or any other way that the Lessor deems convenient. The deposit varies depending on the rented bicycle group and may range from €100,00 to €250,00.

The minimum excess deposit, according to the rented bicycle group, varies from €615.00 to €1,537.50.

Payment Conditions

The Lessee may pay the bicycle rental and accessories by Cash, Debit or Credit Card, Check or Bank Transfer and shall provide a deposit in Cash or in Credit Card.

Bicycle Groups available for rental in Ecomobile:

Electric Group

Brand: Coluer | Model: Green Land 

Frame: Aluminum 17"

Wheels: Aluminum 28"

Available Colors: Gray and Black

Deposit: €250.00 

Minimum Excess Deposit: €1.537.50

City + 17 Group

Brand: Coluer | Model: Bahia 206 

Frame: Aluminum 17" and 19"

Wheels: Aluminum 26"

Available Colors: Black (bicolor)

Deposit: €100.00

Minimum Excess Deposit: €615.00

City 19 Group

Brand: Órbita | Model: Super City

Frame: Aluminum 19"

Wheels: Aluminum 26×1.50

Available Colors: White

Deposit: €100.00 

Minimum Excess Deposit: €615.00

Hybrid 17,5 | 20 Group

Brand: Coluer | Model: Landscape 700 M 

Frame: Aluminum 17,5" e 20"

Wheels: Aluminum 28"

Available Colors: Black (bicolor)

Deposit: €100.00 

Minimum Excess Deposit: €615.00

Hybrid 17 | 19 | 21 Group

Brand: Órbita | Model: Expo Bike W/M

Frame: Aluminum 17", 19" e 21"

Wheels: Aluminum 

Available Colors: White, Polished and Gray

Deposit: €100.00

Minimum Excess Deposit: €615.00

Classic Group

Brand: Órbita | Model: Classic 

Frame: Steel Hi-Ten 26"

WheelsAluminum 26x1.3/8”

Available Colors: Black

Deposit: €100.00

Minimum Excess Deposit: €615.00

Kids Group

Brand: Coluer | Model: Rider 180 

Frame: Aluminum

Wheels: Aluminum 18"

Available Colors: Red

Deposit: €100.00

Minimum Excess Deposit: €615.00

Download the Bicycle Rental Price List: RATES BIKES ECOMOBILE.

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